Joyce's Creations

Specializing in Doll Clothes and Rag Dolls

I have been making doll clothes since the early 1980s beginning with Cabbage Patch Dolls but have expanded into the popular dolls of today from 15 to 23 inches such as the American doll series and twin series.

For the past 20 years, I have been with Premier Promotions showcasing my clothing at Springtime in the Country, Christmas in the Country and Yuletide.

I will be retiring this year. Yuletide 2017 will be my last show that I will be appearing in.

I want to thank my loyal customers who, through the years, have become friends. You all have made me very proud of what I do and I'm very pleased to see you enjoy my work.

I would also like to thank Premier Promotions for the many years of shows. It's been a fun adventure!

About This Website

This website is primarily to give information only.

After Yuletide 2017, this will be the primary location to get information regarding where you can find limited amounts of my clothing. Please stay tuned for more updates..

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